A Night Alone With Stepdad

Ella Knox
33:34 | Views 964366

Starring Ella Knox and Tommy Pistol; Being over 18 doesn't make you immune to stupid parent rules when you're still living with them. Especially for Ella. Her mother is over-protective and rules are just a pain in the ass. Whose mothers ask for her child who by the way is an adult, to be home by 10 pm? That's insane! Anyways, As a punishment for disobeying her mom, Ella has to wash the dishes. Of course, she's complaining while doing it and her stepdad Tommy hears everything. His stepdad doesn't like it either, but he has no choice but to make sure she's done everything his wife. Ella mentions that she hates that her mother gets to do everything she wants and she's homebound for some stupid rules. She even mentions that she's lucky to "fuck hot guys". Tommy, surprised at what his stepdaughter just said, is suddenly feeling his world crumbling around him for an instant. When he asks if his wife's been fucking other guys, Ella says she was talking about him. Relieved, he then realizes that his stepdaughter just said he's hot. Not sure how to deal with this, Ella gives the final blow by showing her huge tits, grabbing his crotch and kneeling in front of him, blowing on his big cock and balls. Want to know everything that happens in this hot and sexy FILF porn video? Create your free account now and enjoy hours of hot step-family porn, father I'd like to fuck, DILF and all that hot porn you're craving for.


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