Don't worry honey

Julia Ann
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Are you a fan of masturbating? Well, you’re on this site, so of course you are! Penelope would agree with you on that subject, and that’s why this scene is so hot. Penelope is just a teenager trying to test out her body, and playing with her pussy happens to be one of those “teen experiments” that we all go through. Needless to say, watching her go solo is quite hot at the beginning of it all. She’s moaning and really going to town on her pink little fuck hole, but that’s only the beginning. Julia, Penelope’s step-mom, happens to walk by the room and catch a glance of what’s happening. A typical family member would probably walk by very slowly, closing the door in the process; but as a step family, you get to make use of certain “advantages”. Julia decides to join in on the fun, grabbing Penelope firmly from behind and planting her fingers in her pussy. Julia lets her step-daughter know what it’s really like to feel pleasure from an experience lover - it just so happens to be her step-mother! Julia is one of the hottest mothers you’ll ever see, and that’s what makes this scene such an awesome one. Julia isn’t only giving the pleasure in this situation, as soon after she’s done licking Penelope’s pussy like a lollipop, it’s the step-daughters' turn to get on her knees! Julia turns around and gets her pussy (and ass!) eaten out from behind, creating a family bond that will stick around for many, many years. You know what they say: once you’ve eaten your step-childs’ asshole, there is no other asshole you will want to eat! It just goes to show that playing with your pussy could turn into something much more than that; if you’ve got family you’d like to fuck! Sex family is the best family.


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