Family workout

Savana Styles
34:30 | Views 177318

Step-mothers aren’t always the most understanding parents to be around. A lot of the time, we can hate our step-parents. After all, they aren’t even our real ones! The thing is, sometimes you can get lucky and be blessed with a step-parent that is actually cool. You know, the kind of cool that will suck your dick dry and then eat your cum without any remorse. The type of cool that will sit on your face when dad is at work, and even let you slap your balls against her beautifully sculpted ass. Savanah is the kind of cool that I’m talking about, and she makes sure that her step-son is well-aware of that fact. After all, it’s better to keep it in the family - right? This scene follows a son watching his step-mother workout on the treadmill, with her ass and tits bouncing up and down in synchronization. At first Savanah doesn’t notice, but shortly afterwards, she notices her step-son standing there.. with his cock out! She decides to take matters into her own hands; literally! If you love French MILFs that are cock-hungry at all times, Savanah is going to be the blessing you’ve been waiting for. She doesn’t hesitate to get down on her knees and start playing with her step-son's cock, and it doesn’t take much longer to get her lips wrapped around it. She goes right into deepthroat mode, giving her husband's son the pleasure that he’s been craving for such a long time. Can you imagine what it would be like to be hanging out around such a sexy step-mother? Deep throating is a part of life when you’re in a sex family.


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