Gina Valentina Practices Sucking Dick On Her Stepbrother

Gina Valentina
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Featuring the sexy Gina Valentina; Tony is looking around the house to find her stepsister and ask her if she wants to go out for lunch. He can't find her anywhere until he hears some weird noises coming from her room. The closer he gets, the clearer it is. He peeks through her cracked open door and there she is, kneeling on her bed, gagging on a glass dildo. Surprised and humored at the sight of her stepsister doing this, he barges in the room asking her what she's doing. She hides the toy behind her back telling him there's nothing. She finally confesses to what she was doing. She tells him she's been seeing a guy that she really likes and wants to practice sucking dick so she doesn't embarrass herself when the real thing happens. When you love your family, you would do anything to help them. Even if they're not blood-related, they will always be there for you. Tony just can't let her stepsister make a fool of herself so he decides to let her suck on his big dick. One thing leads to another and they end up fucking roughly on the bed. She won't be going back to that guy from now on. She got everything she needed from her beloved stepbrother.


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