Hot Afternoon with the second cousin

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My young second cousin Francheska is in town looking for work so I invite her over to catch up. It's been years since I've seen her and I can't believe how grown-up she's become and just how hot she looks. As we chat and reminisce, I'm surprised to realize that she's giving me quite the look, almost undressing me with her eyes. Do you remember what you did to me that time I found your dirty magazines?, she asks, staring right into my eyes with a little smirk. I remember being mad at you, but not what I did about it. Why do you ask? I reply. You dragged me over your knee and gave me a good spanking. I'm surprised she remembers as I don't. Really? I think about it all the time because it excited me so much.In fact, just thinking about it now makes me really horny and I wish you could do it to me again. This is how on a sunny afternoon, I give my hot cousin a good spanking, which grows into a good pussy licking and then a ends with an intense fuck. The more she screams, the more excited I get and the more I pound her tight pussy with my big dick. I think I'll love these get togethers with my cousin Francheska and so will she.


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