I came all over my step mom's boobies

Lily Lane
33:20 | Views 575378

We’ve all dreamt about fucking a woman that was older than us. Whether it was a teacher, somebody from your church or even just a woman at the gym - the more mature, the better. It’s like a wine sort of situation; because when women are older, they are much more experienced. That translates into harder nuts being busted, and your dick wondering “why haven’t I dipped myself in more MILF pussy?”. In this scene, a step-son gets a lot more than he bargained for when getting back from school. She surprised him not doing his lesson, but then she gave him a lesson of her own - one that involved the anatomy. Lily finds her step-son (who is quite nerdy, by the way) looking at naked pictures by himself. Of course, that’s only natural - teenagers are keen to looking at naked photos. Lily thinks that she can help out with his interests, and decides to see what he would think of his cock in her mouth. It’s a scenario that we would all love to find ourselves being a part of - having an older woman stumbling upon us with our cocks out, and deciding to suck the living shit out of it. We aren’t all going to be as lucky, so I guess this scene will have to do. As if that wasn’t enough, he also gets to feel the warmth of her mature pussy in many different positions. A tattooed MILF like this will always get me going, especially when they’re into dirty talk - so I can only imagine what you viewers will think of this hot and steamy scene. I’ve never seen a step-mom dedicate herself to the art of cock-sucking, much like Lily Lane does; I would consider it a blessing in disguise (and the best sex family you’ll find around).


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