I know you want it!

Eden Sin
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Getting fucked by a big black cock isn’t like your normal penis. Things in the world just feel like they’re alright, because you’ve got a big black dick destroying the inside of your stomach. Truth be told, a lot of women will say that they don’t like black cocks; but it’s really the only thing they’ve ever wanted. This scene follows Eden, a sexy little schoolgirl that’s trying to seduce her black step-daddy. Having a black step-dad can be beneficial for a plethora of reasons: he can fuck your mother throughout the year (probably once or twice), and there’s just enough cock left over for you to enjoy. Just enough is more than likely an understatement, especially when he takes his cock out and plunges it balls deep into Edens’ pussy from behind. The sensation of being filled to the brim is one that a lot of people will never experience, because you need a black daddy cock for that (or so Eden would leave many people to believe). The sense of euphoria is rarely shown through the screen of a computer in a dimly lit room, but I would say this scene is a solid exception. Family sex is the best, remember that and you’ll be able to live your life to the fullest. If you ever get a chance to fuck the shit out of your step-daughters tight little pussy, wouldn’t you take it? This is a fuckfest that even the blandest person on the planet would pull their cock out for, so you know it’s going to be GOOD!


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