It's ok, we are not blood related cousins

Ziggy Star
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Cousins need to show each other affection, because family is family in the end. Some cousins are going to go above what you would normally do to express “love”, some would even go as far as letting a fellow cousin fuck them in the ass. That’s what happened in this fellow’s case, as he was just a horny guy trying to test his luck (and at the right time, mind you!). He came across his cousin laying in her room, half-naked. Failing to take advantage of this opportunity would be a massive mistake, so he went to work quickly, smelling his cousin Ziggy's butt and playing with his dick at the same time. He gets a little too close, and wakes her up in the process; but this turns out to be better than he expected. She is mad at first, but quickly realizes that she could have some fun as well. We aren’t talking about your typical kind of fun, as in, missionary sex. We’re talking about butt fucking action that only two cousins could bring to the screen! Here at FILF, we only provide the highest quality family sex videos that you can find on the internet; this scene is no different. It takes a special sort of cousin to let you fuck them in the ass, let alone deliver your load deep inside of their butthole. That’s what family is for after, isn’t it? As long as you’re both having a good time and nobody finds out, there’s no harm to be done. If you don’t have a cousin of your own to play butt, butt, goose with; just watch this scene a few times. You’ll probably forget about the real-world after cumming 4 or 5 times anyways!


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