Petite Nikki Tomas Catfishes Older Dude On Dating App

Nikki Tomas
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Starring the lovely Nikki Tomas; Nikki's been into older men for a while now and she's been using a fake account on a dating app to get what she wants, thinking no men would fuck her if she displayed her true age. Using the online monicker "Rebecca", she's been trying to get older men to come to her apartment and fuck her brains out. When Tony gets to the apartment, he thinks he's meeting with "Rebecca", when in fact, he's meeting with Nikki. As soon as he knocks, a beautiful, young blonde teen opens the door to greet him. She tells him that Rebecca is her mom and that she's getting ready for their date. Nikki is wearing a crop top and some short jogging shorts. A true beauty, he hopes her mom is as hot as she is. Tony sits for a while, waiting for a date that will never show up. After 30 minutes, there's still no sign of her and Nikki reappears from her room, and comes clean on what she's been doing. Tony's upset that she catfished and lied to him, but after some convincing, he's about to end up fucking a much younger girl. Tony's night just got from bad to amazing, this teen really knows how to suck a big dick, pushing it down her throat as she looks him in the eye. Everything you need is right here, on Nowhere else you'll find this amazing selection of the best father I'd like to fuck porn. Join now for free!


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