Step mom's yoga lesson

Lizz Tayler
32:47 | Views 226406

Since I was a little boy, I always like looking at girls stretching or doing yoga in short shorts or yoga pants, it’s so sexy. There is no better time to look at their tight asses! And don’t even start me on their tight tops which show their nipples popping. Raylene is coming back from her yoga session and when she sees her step daughter Lizz sitting on the couch playing on her cell phone, she decides to give her a little yoga session to relax since she seemed really tense. It’s not as easy as Lizz expected but it got a lot better once her step mom starts to tell her that it’s a great bonding experience and touches her gently while she is stretching. It doesn’t take one more stretch before they start kissing and saying fuck yoga while undressing each other. This step mom/step daughter yoga session turns into a pussy licking session. Raylene puts her on the couch and starts fingering her while licking her clit as Lizz moan of pleasure and explodes of pleasure. Then it’s this beautiful mom to get her fun, she lays on the yoga mat while the teen starts fingering her at her turn, licking her finger to wash what was dripping or the older women. Once they both get their orgasm they finish with a little session of lesbian scissoring, rubbing their pussies against each other! This one of the best lesbian scene you’ll ever watch and to top it of it’s between a young girl and her stepmom and we are glad to offer it to you!


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